Algae Control

Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) blooms are common seasonal phenomena in farm dams, rivers and reservoirs across Australia. They are potentially toxic and can be harmful and even be deadly to both animals and humans. The algal blooms in Australia cost the government, the public and farmers hundreds of millions of Dollars each year in providing adequate responses to the blooms.  

The Blue-green algae blooms are caused by excessive nutrient, phosphorous and sediments discharged into the body of water by industry, sewage discharge and nutrient runoff from agricultural land.  

Until now an economical, effective and sustainable solution have not been available to prevent and treat these algal blooms on a small or large scale. Through the use of the Eco-Tabs™ technology, we are now able to prevent these algal blooms and effectively and safely remove them in the event a bloom has already occurred.

The Eco-Tabs™ preventative algae treatment protocol removes nutrient and phosphorous from the water and digests organic sediment and oxygenates the water. In doing so, we remove the nutrients required by the Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) to thrive and have effectively treated the source of the problem and not simply mask the symptoms. In the event a bloom has already occurred, toxins may be released by the algae and particularly as they die off, there is an additional risk of toxin release. The Eco-Tabs™ algal bloom treatment protocol will super-saturate the body of water with dissolved oxygen, and increase beneficial bacterial concentrations in the water and therefore digest the algae before concentrations of harmful toxins can be released.    


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